Explainer video: what is life coaching?

Life coaching: next steps

We hope you enjoy our video on ‘What is Life Coaching?’ Not everyone knows what to expect from life coaching while others have had a negative prior experience of it. At Conversations With Impact our aim is to ensure clients receive effective coaching. If you are considering seeing a life coach or returning to one, we hope our video makes this decision easier for you.

For more information about our life coaching services please get in touch. We offer a free telephone coaching consultation or more than one if that would be helpful. Our consultations allow you to tell us about what you are going through and for us to say how we can work with the issues you are facing. We will give you as much time as will be helpful for you to feel confident that Conversations With Impact is right for you.

Unsure? Read Paul’s testimonial

“Working with Mark is an investment that is worth making. What is more valuable than your own well-being, happiness and fulfilment? Nothing is more important. Everything else follows. I started working with Mark because I had become stuck, held back by anxiety and low self esteem. After being burnt by a succession of challenging work situations, I had begun to question myself, my ability and my own worth – a scary place to be! I was having anxiety attacks and finding myself unable to focus at work or at home with my family. I was lost. Working with Mark has quickly and dramatically helped me to see my world through fresh eyes, restoring my self-belief and confidence. I had spent months trying to solve my problems in my own head but the reality is that it’s not possible to do it by yourself. Mark is a great, non-judgemental listener. I have been able to open up about my past and share things that I haven’t dared to speak about before. He has helped me to accept life as it is and introduce more flexibility into my thinking. As well as being a great listener, Mark is a fantastic coach. He understands the theory of how psychology works and can use this to unblock our problems. I’ve now realised that I had been ignoring important messages from my brain commenting on how I had been living my life. I am now on a journey of change. I want to grow as a person, be my best self and achieve personal and professional goals. My work with Mark has been invaluable in helping me to change. I know that our work is going to unlock the best of me and help me to achieve balance and fulfilment in my life. If you feel like you are unhappy, unfulfilled or not achieving your potential, then speak to Mark now. Don’t delay, problems don’t just go away!” Paul