What is life coaching?

Imagine two points A and B. Point A is where you are now in life and Point B is where you would like to be. In essence, life coaching is a form of support that gets you to Point B. Just calling it support doesn’t do it justice, however. At its best, life coaching is full of energy, motivation and challenge, based on a relationship of acceptance, belief and potential.

Life coaching focuses on Point B and the personal transformation required to achieve it. Point B can be a lifestyle change such as a new job, education and study or relationship. It can be about identity and being a more confident version of ourselves. And as coaching frequently changes both the person and the life they lead, so it can be about both.

Life Coaching is about: Change

“I came to Mark with a lack of direction, a lot of anger and a sense of being very lost. In our six months of fortnightly meetings, after initially recognising I needed to work on my low self esteem, I slowly started to turn my thought processes around, making small but crucial changes to the way I approached my life. By the end, I had a realistic plan for the future and better relationships in my marriage and with my work. I realised that the things I was angry about were largely out of my control, and could manage those I was in control of. By subtly changing my perception of them, I noticed a huge change in how I interacted with others and how I perceived myself. I now feel I have the tools to move forward with my life. I’m so pleased I took that crucial leap into coaching and learn to balance my thoughts and emotions in this way.” Brian Stephenson

Life coaching is therefore about change. It is about someone acknowledging that the time has come for them to address a key aspect of their life and identity. An encounter with a coach takes a client on a process of discovery to find the changes that are required and what can bring them about.

Many clients already have a good idea of what they want to change in coaching. However, a coach is equally content with clients who do not. There is no requirement at the start of life coaching to know exactly what changes are being sought. Coaching operates on the assumption that there is enough potential in someone to discover and achieve them.

Life Coaching is about: Challenge

Because Point B represents a life goal that is yet to be achieved, so life coaching is also about challenge. An encounter between a coach and client establishes the right level of challenge for someone based on The Goldilocks Principle: not too much, not too little, but just right. When it is just right, insurmountable challenges become realistic and achievable. With the right amount of supportive challenge, someone will take risks they can’t by themselves.

“I know why life coaching worked for me: because it challenged me. It’s hard to describe, but the best I can come up with is that Mark put good pressure on me. I lost 3 stone and nothing has ever done that for me before.” Beth

Life Coaching is about: Setting Goals

Human beings are a goal-seeking species. A human being without a goal or the means to achieve it is stuck. However, there is an art to goal setting that many of us struggle to master. The power of coaching is based on effective goal-setting. It ensures goals are personal and based on someone’s values, interests and passions. Importantly, coaching creates an alignment between goals and the strategies to achieve them. More often than not, many of us have the right goal, but the wrong strategy. Coaching corrects this misalignment.

Life Coaching is about: Positive Outcomes

Life coaching can develop new skills or enhance existing ones in areas such as relationships, goal setting and decision-making. It can result in increased confidence and self-esteem, as well as improvements in emotional and physical wellbeing. There can be major changes that happen quickly and smaller ones that develop more gradually. And the positivity generated in coaching often impacts on those connected to the person being coached, so their are outcomes for them, too.

“I was on the verge of splitting up from my partner. Coaching brought us back together. I was happier because I valued myself more and I was losing weight. My partner wanted to be a part of my new life and I wanted this as well.” Lisa

Life Coaching with Conversations With Impact

“Mark, thank you for getting me back to where I need to be. You’ve helped me immeasurably. I will recommend you in the future.” Dave

If like our clients Dave and Geri you are ready to commit to being more and doing more in life, we’d love to hear from you. For more information about our approach or to sign up for Life Coaching, please get in touch.