Why therapy and coaching are like gardening

When I started therapy with Dr Antoun, he was a final year international PhD student. Living away from his family and socially isolated, he was severely depressed having failed to add a word to his PhD in three months. The possibility of failure was a real one, an outcome with serious financial implications, as his studies were being funded by his home government and failure meant having to repay the costs.

Immediate flowering:

After 6 sessions of Human Givens therapy, he began writing again and went on to complete the writing stage of his PhD. Dr Antoun said he was no longer depressed and felt hopeful for the first time in a long time.

Flowers later in the season:

With Dr Antoun’s mental health and wellbeing much improved, our work switched to coaching in order to build confidence for his PhD Viva and subsequent, hoped for, job interviews. As part of his job search preparation, our coaching focused on developing Dr Antoun’s Personal Brand. Dr Antoun was awarded his PhD and our work came to an end.

Next year’s annuals

Dr Antoun moved back to his home country and succeeded in becoming a lecturer. Approximately one year after we first met, I received the following email from him:

“Dear Mark – I still remember to your support in Leicester. I know you remembered me to keep updated. Our work preparing for interviews improved my career. I am very grateful that I got a lecturing job at my local university. Your help 1 year ago is with me. The notes on my inner critic are still very helpful. I would keep in touch.” Kindest Regards, Dr M Antoun

Biannual flowering

Two years after I first met Dr Antoun, I received this email:

“Dear Mark – I would like to express my gratitude to your help 2 years ago. I still remembered your advices and help, they improved my life. I still read the notes I wrote with you. I am very grateful and words are not enough for you. I am pleased that I got job as Assistant Professor in his home city of Dubai. I would thank you again for your services while I studied in Leicester.” Kindest Regards, Dr M Antoun

This example is testament to the lasting effects of effective therapy and coaching and their ability to positively impact on their personal and professional development.

Getting therapy and coaching support

At Conversations With Impact, we tailor our therapy and coaching services specifically to an individual’s problems. We help our clients to overcome their difficulties so their Personal and Professional Growth can blossom and flower.

If like Dr Antoun, you would like support to change your present and future, then please get in touch