The IMPACT Model

The IMPACT Model is the product of over 15 years of coaching and therapeutic experience supporting thousands of clients to achieve their goals and objectives, dreams, and ambitions.

“When I contacted Mark I had previously had several series of therapy over the last decade with other therapists or group therapy. These had always felt a bit like a sticking plaster. They had been enough to get my head back above the water and cope again but I felt like I fell back into old habits or maybe that I’d always just have periods of high anxiety and that would be my future.

Within only a few sessions Mark was able to get to the bigger issues that were preventing me having that inner calm that had evaded me pretty much my whole life. Since I’ve worked with Mark I am genuinely in such a better place, my internal voice has completely changed, I am resilient, I understand myself so much more clearly and most importantly I know I don’t have to and won’t live a life dictated by my anxiety.

The reason I chose Mark is that I read the reviews and I appreciated it when I read he would challenge me. He will not just say what you want to hear, which is what I need. He is warm, encouraging and you can tell he is truly proud when you make progress. I feel positive about the future now. ” Sophia