Self-awareness and the Triangle of Possibility

How the hell did I end up here?

The Triangle of Possibility can help you develop your self-awareness to better understand the journey or path you are on in life. It can show you whether you are on track and whether it’s safe to carry on, or whether you need to turnaround to avoid a crisis or place of stuckness.

“How the hell did I end up here?” How many people have said this to themselves when, in crisis or stuckness, they look back along the path or journey they took, perplexed? Many people have. Maybe you have, too?

  • Crisis – poor mental health, addictions, trauma or relationship breakdown, or
  • Stuckness – a lack of meaning and purpose, being lost, a loss of direction or momentum in life

What we all want at in times of difficulty are simple, yet effective ideas to help us understand how we got ourselves into difficulty and how we can get ourselves out of it. Our Triangle of Possibility is one such idea and is the subject of our latest video. What signs or clues did you miss, overlook or ignore? What would you have done differently? And what WILL you do differently next time?

Getting support to make better decisions

If you are in a difficult place and would like support to get yourself into a better place, or if you have become stuck in life and would like be become unstuck, then we’d love to hear from you.

Our Triangle of Possibility is just one of the many creative and imaginative ideas we use to help people make sense of why things are as they are, and how they can turn their lives around and get back on track. For more information and a free consultation, please get in touch.

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