The Cave and Continuation Point

Overcoming self-defeating behaviours

The Cave or Continuation Point is the point at which a new, positive behaviour or habit comes up against and clashes with an old, problematic behaviour or habit someone wishes to get rid of. Which behaviour or habit wins out will depend on how someone thinks, behaves, feels and forms their relationships at their Cave and Continuation Point. Will they ‘Continue’ with the new behaviour or habit, or will they ‘Cave’ into the old one?

Examples of problematic behaviours or habits include issues with eating, alcohol and drugs, or those such as avoidance, people-pleasing and perfectionism. Of all the factors that helps the new, positive behaviour or habit to gain traction and establish itself, it is its emotional persuasiveness. Old behaviours and habits always form for emotionally positive reasons, which both explains why they get repeated and why they can be so difficult to replace.

The Cave and Continuation Point idea allows someone to understand what factors made them vulnerable to the old behaviour or habit in the first place, and helps them to understand what they need now to overcome it.

Getting support

If you find yourself ‘caving’ into self-defeating and self-sabotaging behaviours and habits, and would like to overcome them, then please get in touch. Our Cave and Continuation Point idea has enabled many people to make the differences they are after in their lives.

“What I’d like to say to anyone who has both personal and work issues to work through is this: Mark is proactive, he actually helps. He doesn’t sit and ask “what do you think?” he gives practical, useable solutions, while being supportive, caring and generally brilliant and I can’t thank him enough. His sessions were incredibly helpful and really gave me clarity on the things that were bothering me. Very many thanks.” Sarah