How To Transform Your Life With IMPACT. Unlock the best of you.

How To Transform Your Life With IMPACT is full of insights and inspirational stories from people just like you who have transformed their lives using The IMPACT Model. And like all good self-help books, it includes practical, thought-provoking activities and exercises, such as the Bridge of Curiosity, Valuables Test, Cliff Edge, Fantasy-Reality Gap, and Destination Finder.

“The author clearly knows his stuff from an academic standpoint but I found the book to be easy to access and empathetic. I love the process model of IMPACT as I found I could follow it well and continue to revisit and re-analyse. It’s a no-nonsense and simple approach that I believe can really benefit people from all walks of life.” Chris

“Well, this is a self-help book with a punch. Straight to the point, with a no-nonsense approach and an immediate ‘let’s get to work straight away’ focus to it. Refreshingly void of jargonised language, ideas and concepts that are hard to get a hold of. Warm and compassionate with a very real nod to and understanding of human struggle and difficulty.” Susie