Accessing support: a list of triggers

What happens to someone when they decide to seek support? What triggers them to call/email/text a business like ours? If you have seen a therapist or coach then you will know what triggered you. At Conversations With Impact, we find it fascinating more so because the reasons are never straightforward. Here some examples from my last 8 clients:

1) A self-employed builder having a chance conversation with an old client of mine while weightlifting in their local gym.
2) A freelance H.R. Consultant who could no longer stand the stress of supporting others, but never herself
3) A departmental head in an engineering company marched down to their H.R. Manager after breaking down in a meeting
4) A former member of the armed forces who decided he had shouted at his mum once too often
5) A final year astrophysics undergraduate who had hidden away in his room for two weeks without talking to anyone. Persuaded by a friend to get help
6) A successful business owner whose staff openly refused to do as he was weak
7) A former executive of a FTSE 100 company who said his arrogance had resulted in him becoming ‘effectively unemployable’
8) A software engineer whose zip broke on her dress because ‘I was too fat to get into it’

What would be your trigger?

Getting support

As can be seen from the above list, the reasons that can trigger someone to seek either therapy or coaching are many and varied. What we know at Conversations With Impact is that our clients come to realise their existing conversations are not making the difference they are after. So, if you identify with the reasons above and have come to the conclusion that you need a different type of conversation, please get in touch.