Change – how to do it successfully

Looking for solutions, finding problems

Crisis events or periods and the difficult emotions they generate such as anxiety and depression, are known to impair the very parts of our mind/body system we need to help us out in times of adversity. What this means is that we can often spend a significant period of time trying to improve difficult situations with a mind/body system actively working against us. When we first meet a client, they are often in this predicament: trying to find solutions with a mind/body system that is good at finding more problems. Einstein’s phrase neatly sums this predicament up:

‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’

Escaping a vicious cycle

To get out of this vicious cycle, we have to switch back on the helpful parts of our mind/body system, and one way to do this is to know how to change effectively. This is the topic of my video. In my video, I use a well-known change model to demonstrate how to change effectively, especially through visualising how to come out of a period of crisis. This includes visualising the four key stages of change – crisis, chaos, emerging patterns and new patterns – and how to successfully bridge the gap between chaos and emerging patterns to ensure that chaos is permanently put behind us. Once we achieve this, it becomes a matter of when not if we get to our desired destination of establishing a new pattern. New patterns represent an end to our difficulties. And who doesn’t want to get there?

Getting support

If you find your attempts at successful change are proving – unsuccessful – and need support to turn this situation around, then please get in touch. Using the Change Cycle idea, we have enabled many people to make the differences they are after in their lives.

“Mark has helped me out massively over the time we’ve been having sessions, I went to see Mark in June last year with a few troubles I was having, depression, low self esteem, eating disorders. After the first few sessions I understood more about the mind and how it works and I can honestly say that over the past few months I’ve been in such a better place and I feel so much more in control of everything. I can’t recommend Mark enough, he is very easy to talk to and a real genuine person. Thank you again Mark it’s been a pleasure.” Kieron