Six ways to make the life you want

My blog, Six ways to make the life you want, is not one of those blogs that say making the life you want is easy. Instead, this blog is grounded in the reality that life consists of ups and downs. As a coach, therapist and ordinary human being, I know that what many of us come to appreciate is the ability to maximise positive periods and minimise challenging ones. Life experience tells us that with this ability, the overall trajectory of our lives will be in the right direction when we realise that good times do follow bad ones and not just the other way around. If you recognise this reality, then my blog is for you.

7 ways to think about challenge

There isn’t a living thing on the planet that isn’t engaged in making the best of being alive. Being alive is a challenge, and to do it well human beings need to both thrive and survive. Fairly or unfairly, evolution has determined that achieving the optimum state of thriving and surviving requires continual investment.

The good news is that the human race possesses the innate determination to help us rise to the challenge. We know how to thrive and survive in almost any circumstances. All we have to do is to make that knowledge work for us.