Positive wellbeing trends for 2022

As coach and therapist I get to talk to people seeking to measurably change their mental and physical wellbeing. And in a career spanning over 16 years during which I have worked with around 3,500 people from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds, there is little I haven’t come across. The range of wellbeing options is vast. From the traditional to the high-tech, there is no shortage of ways to get ourselves and our lives into the best possible shape. The multi-billion pound wellbeing industry is testament to growing public awareness that if we don’t have positive wellbeing, we don’t have much else. However, here’s the rub. Achieving positive wellbeing is hard. If it weren’t, the statistics would tell a different story. The good news is that with the right approach achieving positive wellbeing isn’t rocket science – if you follow the right trends. In this blog, 6 positive wellbeing trends for 2022, I look at 6 of them that can make the difference you are after.