How to overcome limiting beliefs

A belief is something that we assume to be true, and because we all have beliefs, it means we all have ‘limiting’ beliefs. However, some types are more harmful than others. The least damaging – held by everyone on planet earth! – are limiting beliefs based on an incomplete understanding and knowledge of the world. The most detrimental type, which professionals like myself help people, is when someone believes themselves to be ‘less’ than they are – less of a person, less capable. The fact that a person believes them to be true makes limiting beliefs hard to spot for the holder and difficult for others to discuss. However, the good news is that we can become aware of limiting beliefs and replace them with what are called ‘supportive’ beliefs, or those that help, motivate and encourage.

How to achieve personal growth

When I speak with my clients, they are often frustrated or disappointed with a situation in their life as it is. The problem they have is that they are not sure how to get to the place they want to be – and getting there is a journey of personal growth. There’s a lot of talk about personal growth, but what’s interesting is that we all have a different understanding of what that means. Then again, maybe that’s the point – the bit that makes it personal. We have our own unique perception of who we are and who we want to be – the difficult part is working out the steps that will help us create that change. In my blog, How to achieve personal growth, I look at a concept to which all of us can and perhaps should aspire.