How to rediscover your identity

Losing our identity can happen for many reasons. It can happen quickly or gradually, for known and unknown reasons, and be personal and professional in nature such as divorce and redundancy. A loss of identity changes our relationship with the world around us, detaching us from old certainties and transforming our once-familiar world into a strange, sometimes scary place. There is a whole category of language for losing our identity in the form of words, metaphor, imagery and story. This language becomes how we try to make sense of what we are going through, and herein lies the way back. For this language only exists because so many people have gone down this path before us – and found themselves again. How they did so is the subject of my blog, ‘How to rediscover your identity.’

How to boost your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence or EQ has become a popular concept, and you can see its widespread application in many settings, such as schools and businesses. A definition of emotional intelligence I like is the ‘intelligent use of emotions’, or the capability to access the full range of our emotions and use them appropriately. Research makes a strong case for developing emotional intelligence. From increased self-awareness to improved decision making and better relationships, being ‘emotionally intelligent’ generally makes life a lot easier to navigate by helping us get along with ourselves and others! And if Personal, Academic and Professional Development is important to you, which it is for most of us, being ‘emotionally intelligent’ will do your Development no harm at all. I hope my blog, How to boost your emotional intelligence, is full of ideas to help you boost yours.