How to improve your thinking

We all know that thinking clearly and positively, especially in critical moments, is a valuable ability to possess. But like the explorer battling their way through a thick jungle, our thinking can become an exhausting thrash through impenetrable psychological undergrowth. Instead of helping us progress through life, like the explorer, we become bogged down and surrounded by our thinking, obscuring the path ahead. For many personal and professional reasons, we can end up thinking about our thinking instead of ourselves and what is most important. Luckily, there are many ways we can get our thinking to help rather than hinder us. In this blog, How to improve your thinking, I look at six of them.

How to overcome loss

There are different types of loss, from minor to significant, predictable to unforeseen. Loss can be personal, such as bereavement, and professional, such as redundancy. We are encouraged to accept and deal with loss as a part of life from a young age. And given that all of us will experience it in its variety of forms, being in a position to handle loss well can make the difference between a life of ‘normal’ ups and downs and one that is derailed by it. Although it is a well-used cliché, human beings are often well equipped to handle life’s adversities and recover from even the most traumatic losses. I don’t mean to suggest that doing so is easy or guaranteed because many people remain permanently and severely impacted through no fault of their own. But there are ways we can maximise our chances of overcoming loss, and this is the subject of this blog, How to overcome loss.