Do I need to see a life coach? 6 signs you do

Whether it is to find a new job or career, build confidence, become more productive or change to a healthier lifestyle, most of us know – or have a good idea of – the areas we want to tackle in life. And yet, despite this knowledge, we often don’t act. Time passes. Personal or professional discontentment grows. Procrastination, unhealthy lifestyles and poor mental health and wellbeing become features of our lives. Something is missing, which would get us started on a journey from where we are now to where we want to be. And what is missing is the subject of my blog. In ‘Do I need to see a life coach?’, I look at six signs that explain why your goals remain on the drawing board, gathering dust and why a life coach can be just what you need.

Do I need to see a therapist? 6 signs you do

If our car breaks down or our radiators spring a leak, we go to the garage or call a plumber because the signs are obvious. Matters can be less apparent when our mental health and wellbeing suffers. While the signs are often there, many people fail to recognise them for what they are or even notice them at all, which is why it can take a crisis before they act. As a coach and therapist for over 16 years, I know that many people would have accessed therapy long before they reached a crisis point had they known which signs to look for. In my blog, ‘Do I need to see a therapist?’ I highlight six signs you can look out for that indicate you might need to see a therapist long before things get out of hand.