How to succeed at university

Are you going to university or thinking of going? Nervous? Excited? Or both? As a student therapist and coach, I know university can be a life-changing experience laying the foundation for future success. Over three or more years, university life offers students the opportunity to shape who they are personally, academically and professionally. With over 16 years of experience supporting students, I know how you can make the most of this stage of your academic journey. In my blog, I talk about the importance of remaining connected to your degree and managing your expectations and then share my top tips and strategies for how to succeed at university.

Positive wellbeing: achieve it, keep it!

The concept of wellbeing isn’t a new one, even if the term is (relatively). Human beings have been seeking positive wellbeing for as long as there have been human beings because being ‘comfortable, healthy and happy’ is a primary human drive or instinct. In my work, I look at the areas below when supporting people achieve positive wellbeing and keep it:

• Identity: self-esteem/worth
• Home and family life
• Relationships
• Work/Career/professional
• Health (mental and/or physical)
• Financial
• Lifestyle
• Social and cultural
• Environment

However, wellbeing can be easier to define than attain as it requires constant investment as we move through different life stages. For example, positive wellbeing to someone in their twenties will be very different to someone in their fifties. My professions, coaching and therapy, are just two of many that help people with their wellbeing. In my blog, I discuss six practical strategies you can use to recognise and achieve your ideal state of wellbeing.