Mental health – a conversation

Human beings are a social species, which means that good or poor mental health can be understood in terms of what happens between ourselves and other people – or more accurately what goes right or wrong between ourselves and other people. Unhappy relationships tend to undermine our mental health, happy relationships tend to bolster it. What connects us is our conversations, so it follows that for our mental health, we need to maintain, improve or change our conversations. This is the subject of this post.

Self-sabotage: getting in your own way

Along with every other living thing on planet earth, the aim of every human being is to ‘thrive and survive’. Surviving is when we cope with and come through difficult times; thriving is when we flourish, prosper and grow. Understood in this way, self-sabotage is anything that someone does that hinders their ability to thrive and survive. Although seemingly counter-intuitive, self-sabotage is both very common and also very easy do engage in. In this post we take a look at this all-too-human of traits.