IMPACT: make the difference you are after

When we are lost, we need a new map to old territory. With a new map, we will see signs and clues that were always there but which we missed because they were hidden from view. Our IMPACT Model is one such Map. In this post, we give breakdown of the Model and how it can help you find your way back again into a more positive way of living.

Self-esteem: because you are worth it

The ability to value ourselves, to possess good levels of self-esteem, is essential for positive mental health and wellbeing, for Personal and Professional Development. And yet many people find it hard to acknowledge their own value. Despite the well-known negative impacts of low self-esteem, why do some people appear to settle for these outcomes when faced with the alternative: increasing their self-esteem? Why do some people find it difficult to say ‘Who I am and what I do is important’? In this article, we share some thoughts on what it means to value ourselves.