Self-awareness: Triangle of Possibility (video)

“How the hell did I end up here?”

How many people have said this to themselves when, in crisis or stuckness, they look back along the path or journey they took, perplexed? Many people have. Maybe you have, too?

– Crisis: poor mental health, addictions, trauma or relationship breakdown, or
– Stuckness – a lack of meaning and purpose, being lost, a loss of direction or momentum in life

What we all want at in times of difficulty are simple, yet effective ideas to help us understand how we got ourselves into difficulty and how we can get ourselves out of it. Our Triangle of Possibility is one such idea.

Change – how to do it successfully (video)

Are you looking for solutions, but finding problems?

Crisis events or periods and the difficult emotions they generate such as anxiety and depression, are known to impair the very parts of our mind/body system we need to help us out in times of adversity. What this means is that we can often spend a significant period of time trying to improve difficult situations with a mind/body system actively working against us. When we first meet a client, they are often in this predicament: trying to find solutions with a mind/body system that is good at finding more problems. Einstein’s phrase neatly sums this predicament up:

‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’

Self-defeating behaviours and how to overcome them

The Cave or Continuation Point is the point at which a new, positive behaviour or habit comes up against and clashes with an old, problematic behaviour or habit someone wishes to get rid of. Which behaviour or habit wins out will depend on how someone thinks, behaves, feels and forms their relationships at their Cave and Continuation Point. Will they ‘Continue‘ with the new behaviour or habit, or will they ‘Cave’ into the old one?

The Cave and Continuation Point idea allows someone to understand what factors made them vulnerable to the old behaviour or habit in the first place, and helps them to understand what they need now to overcome it.