Coaching and therapy: A Conversation With Impact (video)

No one goes into coaching or therapy expecting to come out the same as they went in. And yet for these forms of support to achieve this outcome, they need to deliver. And what they need to deliver is a Conversation With Impact. A Conversation With Impact is, simply, one that makes the difference someone is after. In our latest video, we talk about makes a Conversation With Impact and how you can have one too. If your existing conversations are not making the difference you are after, then why not get in touch? With over 15 years of experience, there is a good chance we can make the difference you are after.

Addictions compulsions obsessions (video)

In my video, I suggest why the idea of ‘value’ offers both an explanation and a resolution to such destructive lifestyles. In recent months I have supported the following clients, so I know these are very real issues for people in their professional lives.

– an HR Director with drug addiction
– a company director with obsessive safety routines
– a software engineer with compulsive eating habits
– a civil engineer with an addiction to overspending
– an FD with excessive alcohol consumption

With all of the above clients, my Valuables Test was successful in helping them turn their lives around.