5 things people with a strong core self do

Developing a strong core self is the holy grail of my professions therapy and coaching because so many benefits come from possessing one. The simple truth is that life is easier when we know and like who we are, and when we think positively of ourselves and are confident in our abilities. In this post, we look at just 5 things that people with a strong core self do.

Strategies to avoid for a happier life

Human beings are strategic. 24/7 we are working out how to thrive and survive to the best of our ability by seeking gain and avoiding pain. To achieve these outcomes we have a variety of abilities at our disposal, which broadly speaking fall into the following categories: thinking, behaving, feeling and relating.

Effective use of our abilities is both an effect of thriving and surviving and a cause of it – a virtuous, self-perpetuating circle. In other words, using them effectively makes life a great deal easier. And when life is easier, they become, yes you guessed it, more effective.

Freedom from mild-to-moderate eating problems (video)

Mild-to-moderate eating problems, while not as serious as Eating Disorders, can seriously undermine the quality of our lives. In our short video, we take a gentle look at a subject that many of us can relate to and what we can do about it.