New boundaries for old partners: Steve’s story

A recent client, who I shall call Steve, sits in front of me, head in his hands, and tells me this has been one of the worst weeks since we started working together. He can’t explain it. Things had been going so well. I’d seen Steve a week previously, so I asked him to start with the day of that session and work forwards. Steve looks to the ceiling and utters a series of ‘Thursday was ok’, ‘Friday was fine’, ‘Yes, Saturday was ok’ and so on until he gets to Sunday evening. Recalling Sunday evening, Steve looks me in the eye, and says ‘Boundaries. Ugh! You keep telling me about the importance of boundaries.’

Using time travelling in coaching and therapy

Human beings exist in time and who we are and what we do is characterised by it. In my work, I have long held the view that our brains can be thought of as time machines, which are geared up to operate simultaneously in our past, present and future. Indeed, modern neuroscience suggests this is the case.

One of the main functions of our brains is in the generation of emotions. Emotions are messages, which help us to understand why things are as they are in our lives. It makes sense therefore to think of our emotions from a time perspective and this is what this blog is about.

Life Coaching: who will you become? (video)

We hope you enjoy our video on ‘What is Life Coaching?’ Not everyone knows what to expect from life coaching while others have had a negative prior experience of it. At Conversations With Impact our aim is to ensure clients receive effective coaching. If you are considering seeing a life coach or returning to one, we hope our video makes this decision easier for you.