Therapy: what an effective therapist can do for you (video)

We hope you enjoy our video on ‘Going for therapy’. Not everyone knows what to expect from therapy while others have had a negative prior experience of it. At Conversations With Impact our aim is to ensure clients receive effective therapy. If you are considering seeing a therapist or returning to one, we hope our video makes this decision easier for you.

5 things people who find self-acceptance do

Self-acceptance is the state of complete acceptance of oneself. True self-acceptance is embracing who you are, without any qualifications, conditions, or exceptions.” The ability to accept one’s qualities or attributes, be they positive or negative, is another definition. By achieving self-acceptance, we are making a positive contribution to our mental health and wellbeing. Put bluntly, self-acceptance makes life easier and in this blog, we look at 5 things that people who accept themselves do.