What does an effective therapist do?

An effective therapist can change someone’s life and even save it. Effective therapists possess great people skills, which their training develops and enhances. Naturally good at building relationships, they have an immediate impact on the people they meet. Their self-belief, confidence and presence remove the doubts and fears someone brings into therapy. And their appreciation for and acceptance of their clients – no matter their identity, gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity – creates a powerful professional bond. Effective therapy is a flexible, problem-solving process that is never about the therapist and always about the client. In this blog, we look in more detail at some aspects of effective therapy.

8 momentum-building benefits of coaching

Momentum is a precious quality. Without it, we can remain stuck or in difficulty. With it, we can make progress, achieve personal growth and realise our personal and professional potential. Sustaining momentum requires us to make a strategic decision. Can we keep moving in the right direction with our existing resources? Or do we need to involve someone else such as a coach to do so? When someone get in touch with us, they have said ‘No’ to the first question and ‘Yes’ to the second. In this blog, we list 8 momentum-building benefits of coaching to help you make the decision that is right for you.