Healthy eating: Clare’s life coaching story

In October of 2018, I started life coaching with Clare, a magazine publisher with a great turn of phrase. ‘I have issues with food,’ she told me, ‘and it has got to the time of year when I traditionally lose what little self-control I have. I need someone who will support and challenge me to make changes. I don’t have a relationship that can do this.” The next twelve months had to be different for Clare – the period of time she had given herself. Despite a great deal of fear, she was amazed at being sat in front of someone like me. ‘This year can be different because I’ve never done this before.’ What had changed? ‘Boredom. I am so bored with who I am.’ Who Clare was, her identity, was inextricably bound up with food.

Therapy: A Small Business Investment

“My business provides agricultural services to farmers. My clients are completely reliant on me and my kit, especially at harvest time. Last year during harvest time, I was with my team when our expensive new kit broke down. They stood back waiting for me to explode. But I didn’t. They burst out in nervous laughter.’ Mark taught me to listen to my brain and body. It never occurred to me that panic attacks and explosive rages, were messages to be listened to. Once I knew this, I was able to tune in to what I was saying to myself. And what I was saying to myself was: get help.