Why effective therapy and coaching are like gardening

When I started therapy with Dr Antoun, he was a final year international PhD student. Living away from his family and socially isolated, he was severely depressed having failed to add a word to his PhD in three months. The possibility of failure was a real one, an outcome with serious financial implications, as his studies were being funded by his home government and failure meant having to repay the costs.

Therapy and Coaching

We are seeing an increasing number of clients for whom just one type of therapy doesn’t work. Some people need to cope with complex personal issues and professional challenges at the same time. This is where our executive therapy and coaching comes in. Gail, one of our clients, made her needs very clear to the counsellor she initially contacted. She didn’t have the luxury of separating her personal and professional issues and required support that would encompass all her issues from the start. An executive therapist-coach practitioner, because of their training, knowledge and experience, can offer this support.

Therapy & Life Coaching: how to stop your brain from complaining

An inability to make positive decisions and act on good ideas generates stress. The explanation for this lies in how our brains function – or rather malfunction! – when it comes to effective decision making. When we have an idea that solves a problem, our brain expects us to turn it into something concrete. When we don’t our brains complain by making us stressed. ‘What are you playing at?’ is stress translated into words. As is now well known, stress can seriously impact on the quality of our personal and professional lives. Recognising this and responding positively must therefore be a priority.