Imaginative Therapy for Positive Mental Health

A recent BBC article called ‘Can you imagine your way to success’ looked at whether we can use our imaginations for personal and professional growth. The answer, according to the article, it seems is yes. Examples given were how a focused use of the imagination can improve performance in sport, education and weight loss. In our approach to therapy, we introduce clients to an important psychological law called The Law of Concentrated Attention. This law states that our brains actively bring about what we focus our imaginations on. In simple terms, the BBC article and the Law of Concentrated Attention, equate to this principle: negative in, negative out, positive in, positive out. It is an absolute requirement for therapists – or anyone else involved in supporting and developing people – to appreciate this.

What I Learnt in Therapy about my OCD

“Mark’s explanation for why people like him exist made so much sense. Therapists exist, he said, to give us what others can’t or won’t. And what I wasn’t getting was: challenge. If someone had told me I needed to be challenged to overcome my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I’m not sure I would have understood. But Mark pointed out what was obvious: overcoming a major condition like OCD is a challenge. Of course I needed to be challenged. What I learnt in therapy, was that challenge can be one of the kindest of acts.