What is Life Coaching?

Imagine two points A and B. Point A is where you are now in life and Point B is where you would like to be. In essence, life coaching is a form of support that gets you to Point B. Just calling it support doesn’t do it justice, however. At its best, life coaching is full of energy, motivation and challenge, based on a relationship of acceptance, belief and potential. Life coaching focuses on Point B and the personal transformation required to achieve it. Point B can be a lifestyle change such as a new job, education and study or relationship. It can be about identity and being a more confident version of ourselves. And as coaching frequently changes both the person and the life they lead, so it can be about both.

What to expect when you go to therapy for the first time

More and more of us are going for therapy. This blog is for those who are considering it for the first time. At Conversations With Impact, we believe that it is the responsibility of the therapist to ensure a client has a positive experience* What we write below assumes that the therapist gets it right for you.

* Therapy is not a perfect science. It can’t all be down to the therapist, but if they get it right for someone early on, we think they’ll fully commit.