Ineffective therapy – when it’s time to change your therapist

Too may clients assume responsibility for indifferent, unhelpful therapy. People seeking support are struggling in one way or another and their mindset can be primed to assume fault lies with them. As a form of support, therapy can be life-changing and sometimes life-saving. At Conversations With Impact we believe therapists need to take significant responsibility for ensuring such outcomes. So, if you are unhappy with your current therapist or are anxious about returning to therapy due to negative prior experiences, how do you find a therapist who is right for you? In this blog we provide a helpful checklist of what to consider and look out for.

Learning how to manage anger – Tom’s story of how therapy helped him

“I used to get road rage when driving. I used to get angry at work and get into shouting mode in meetings. I used to get angry a lot. Looking back, so much of my behaviour was unacceptable. At the time though it felt like justifiable revenge for an imagined offence against me – the type of revenge that deliberately hurts someone. My anger seemed natural and reasonable. Now when I stop to look back at a past incident, be it road rage or meeting rage, I regret what I did.” Tom

A Helpful Way to Understand Your Stress

Your emotional brain can’t talk to you like I can. I think it would like to because then you would understand it better. Lacking the power of speech is very frustrating for your emotional brain because so much of what it has to say to you – gets lost in translation. It can’t even write you an email or send you a text. So your emotional brain uses the only form of communication available to it: emotion. And the most common emotion it uses is stress.

How to Deliver an Interview With Confidence – Tell Your Story

Is there anything to compare with the task of convincing someone they should employ you? Interviews are stressful and high risk and yet we know that those on the other side of desk do want to employ someone. In this blog I share some thoughts on increasing the chances that they choose you – through the art of narrative or storytelling.