Driving with confidence: overcoming fear of the road

Whether you’ve had a bad driving experience in the past, or you find yourself feeling anxious on the road, just being behind the wheel can cause some people to experience severe anxiety. Often, this is due to an accident, where people lose their road confidence completely and avoid getting behind the wheel again. Moreover, a nervous driver can actually increase the risk of accidents, so it’s really important to overcome your fears, so you can feel confident when you are on the road. Being able to drive gives you the ability to be independent. Therefore, when you lose your driving confidence, this often results in a loss of independence too.

Lifting depression and overcoming anxiety

When Phillip came to see Mark, our experienced therapist, it wasn’t difficult to understand why he was suffering from depression and anxiety. In the previous two years he had experienced significant, life-threatening health problems. A restaurateur, his livelihood was in his words ‘slowly killing’ him. He had experienced two traumatic bereavements, which while some years ago continued to affect him. And his view of himself was far from positive. In fact Phillip described himself as ‘a mistake’. In the month prior to seeing me he had considered suicide. ‘I’m on antidepressant medication,’ he told me, ‘but it’s not working.’ It’s interesting how people come to choose their therapist. When I asked him why he chose me, he replied because of my photo. “You looked kind,’ he said, ‘and your type of support – Human Givens Therapy – that really appealed to me, too.”