Do you struggle with binge eating or other bad eating habits?

These days, the pressure to be slim and healthy can feel overwhelming at times. Whether you find yourself staring longingly at idealised images of celebrities in glossy magazines or on social media, it can feel like a battle sometimes to eat properly. This isn’t helped by the general busyness of our day-to-day lives. Have you ever rushed around a supermarket after work, picking up convenience meals only to find yourself feeling guilty at the check-out aisle? Not only can the gaze of others make us feel self-conscious, it can also increase the negative impact on our eating habits as we start feeling despondent – “I just can’t be bothered anymore”. If you’re always on a diet, obsessed with your bathroom scales, then it’s likely you may also worry about fitting into your clothes. Whether it’s a tight-fitting pair of work trousers or a reluctance to buy new clothes in larger sizes – “I’ll treat myself to some new clothes once I lose some weight” – you never quite seem to lose the weight you want. And yet we easily part with money to buy the latest technology, bag or pair of shoes, but we don’t seem to place the same value on our own health.